Montag, 12. Juli 2010

Konrad Wyrebek

I work with photography, painting, installation and digital images, and I intend to start working with video and sculpture soon. The starting point for my work is usually photographs. I always have a camera on me so while sometimes I draw on fashion imagery more often its pictures of my everyday life – the friends and objects I come across. All the time I’m looking for images, especially online. I observe and analyse pictures from Google images, blogs, Facebook and YouTube as well as from magazines, papers, billboards, advertising campaigns, video clips and pop culture in general. When I start to work with these pictures the main aim is to make the usual look unusual or to give it a different meaning. I like to incorporate materials and fabrics that often trigger strong associations in people. Frequently I use gaffer tape, bin-bags, hair, salt, sugar, glossy paint, latex, synthetic poly-rubber and plexi-glass. These materials combine with use of pixellation or blurring or zooming in to transform the image or create a new surface. Ultimately I want the work to be enigmatic and even mystic – always open to interpretation in this age where science is replacing religion and it is preferred that things have only one defining meaning and explanation.


I am a young, London based artist (born in Czech Republic, grew up in Poland) working across various mediums - primarily oil and acrylic painting and photography, but also screen and mono printing and drawing. In addition to this I have produced 3D installation and performance based works.

Exhibitions and Projects:

2010 BLASFEMIAS, Plato Pamplona, Barcelona.

2010 Close but no Ciga, Institute for Contemporary Art ICA, London

2010 Billbored, Pollocks, London.
Social communication project, projections on Tate Modern, St Pauls, Liverpool Street, Schoreditch, Bark of England in London

2009 Shoreditch House and Shoreditch Town Hall, London
Exhibition of new mono and screen print works at ANK Group show with Anthony Gormley, Tracey Emin and Wolfgang Tillmans.

2009 Hales Gallery, London
NAME Portable, collaborative performance and exhibition.

2009 Art Art Art gallery, London
NAME a large scale digital print commission for Matt Roberts Arts foundation.

2008 Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, London
Communication:Live, site-specific installation.

2007 Da! Gallery, Kensington, London
Exhibition of six paintings at Private View group show.

2006 Gallery 43, Kensington, London
Exhibition of four painting at Emptiness, a group show.

2005 London
Co-founder of Da! art movement.

2004 Poland/Hungary
PECS, international youth festival, Hungary.

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