Montag, 12. Juli 2010

Hélène Butler

Exhibitions, etc.:

May 2010: -Organizer, curator, manager and artist for the art event Blasfemia Show at Platò Pamplona, Barcelona, Spain.

May 2010: -Set designer for Evolution/Deconstruction at the Cochrane Theatre, London. (creation of a piece of theatre called The End, set design, management and performance)

April 2010: - Curator and artist for the art event Co-Ordinates at Exchange, Dublin. January 2010: - Director for Cliché, London. (Directing, filming and editing teaser promo and documentation of the event ”Cliché goes to the Zoo”)

December 2009: -Organizer, curator, manager and artist for the art event The Bunny Show at the Rag Factory, London.

July 2009: - Intern at Tesauro film advertizing production company, Barcelona, Spain. (Imagery analysis and research for the director, set organizer, personal assistant for advertisers during shooting.)

December 2008-January 2009: - Gallery assistant, Nettie Horn Gallery, London. (Public relation for medias, artists’ management, welcoming visitors during openings.)

October 2008- May 2009: - Gallery assistant and curator, IAP Fine Art, London. (Public relation for medias, artists management, welcoming visitors during openings, curator.)

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