Montag, 12. Juli 2010

Anja Priska

LITTLE WICKED PARADISES - a photographic project by Anja Priska for the Hackney-Wickipedia Show

I am planning to present a series of manipulated large-scale photographs printed on PVC-tarpaulin. These works will conjure „little wicked paradises“, meaning I will transform pictures of Hackney Wick into kinds of attractive, romantic, occasionally cheesy images, that remind the viewer on 80ies-like photo-wallpapers. The first step of this manipulation will be accomplished physically, namely by literally wallpapering walls in the carpark and alley-way in front of my studio-entrance of Oslo House. In the second stage I will combine these pictures with reminiscences of Hackney Wick historic-relevant attributes, glorified and made up as little paradises. I am particularly thinking of the motorcycle –club 59 and it’s logo or the characters of it’s founders. The method of having these images printed on PVC-tarpaulin allows the photographs to even be displayed outside, let’s say to create your immediate paradise around you. This fact picks up and deals with the whole redevelopment situation and often almost absurd beautification taking place in Hackney Wick. (for example the awkward flower-boxes placed in the midst of the pavement in front of an entirely shabby mixture of demolition place and car park).


2010 PRIDE, (group show), Clifford Chance, London Jungles, (group show), Galerie Maurer, Frankfurt am Main Blasfemias, (group show), Plato Pamplona, Barcelona

2009 Dramas and Dreams, fashion meets art project, MESCHUGGE, Munich Hackney-Wicked-Art-Festival, (open studio), London Speedy Gonzales, curated by Lee Campbell in association with the „Oubliette Art House“, Mexican embassy, London Fruity Friends, art in business, (group show), Centre of Business and Economics, Munich The Bunny Show, (group show), rag-factory, London

2008 Up and Coming Professionals, (group show), Galerie der Künstler, Munich Twisted Pretty, Hackney Wicked Art Festival, London

2007 Dr. Winkelmann Award , (group show), curated by E.Seitz, Munich

2006 Dr. Winkelmann Award, (group show), curated by M.Hackel, Munich, Chamaleon 2, artist run project show, (group show), Munich and Berlin

2005 Golden Times, project space Mixküche, Munich, Chamaleon 1, (group show), artist run project show, Munich

2004 Endstation Heimat, (solo show), Gallery Angelo Falzone, Mannheim

2003 Kot Matroskin, (solo show), Borey-Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia

2002 art fair Frankfurt, (solo show), Gallery Angelo Falzone

2001 Welde Art-Award, (group show), Mannheim; Welde Art-Award, (solo show), Gallery of the Art Society, Schwetzingen

2000 Weltenburger Spuren, (group show), Kehlheim

1999 The Path of Love, (solo show), Galerie Meimer und Weiß, Regensburg

1998 Golden Rules for Everydays Life, (solo show), Academy Gallery, Munich

1997 Here I Am, (solo show), Typ E- gallery, Munich

1996 Bitchy Babes , (solo show), Gallery Quere, Landsberg am Lech


2003: res artis, Artist in Residence Scholarship, St. Petersburg, Russia

2001: Winner of Welde Painting Award, Schwetzingen Collections AXA Colonia-Nordstern Art-Trust, private collections in Germany


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