Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

Charlotte Kaye

In past group exhibitions I have responded directly to particular themes and surroundings to create tangible and often interactive sculptures that translate ideas to the viewer in a very literal and tactile way, aiming to transform traditional viewer-artwork relationships. For ‘Hackney Wikipedia,’ I am hoping to utilise Hackney’s upholstery shops and scour the east end flea markets to create a soft sculpture built into the fabric of an elaborate Edwardian style chair. I am hoping to stitch a soft city-scape into the seat which will be recognisable as Hackney by including well known landmarks and the architectural style of the area. By still allowing the chair to be sat on, a conversation may be developed between the viewer and the artwork. Coupled with the deliberate juxtaposition of the traditional upper-class furniture and the roughly represented view of Hackney, the work might begin to evoke ideas about respect, and the impact of the individual on objects, artworks and places. Keep off the furniture, don’t sit on the artwork and don’t shit on your local area.


2009-2012 Central Saint Martin’s

2008-2009 Fine Art BA Byam Shaw School of Art (CSM): Foundation in Fine Art and Design


2010 - ‘Shaping Sculpture’ – (Artist and Publication Contributor)

May 2010 ‘Blasfemia’s’ Plato Pamplona, Barcelona – (Artist)

December 2009 - ‘The Bunny Show’ The Rag Factory, London (Artist)

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