Montag, 12. Juli 2010

Alice Walter

Alice Walter: "Having realized being a shepherd wasn't very realistic, I decided to become an artist. Currently working / studying at St.martins. I'm writing a dissertation on proximity and alienation in the cinema - especially the effects of 3d cinema in relation to today's culture. My piece is entitled "if you walk away, I walk away". The piece is essentially about balance. I wanted to find a couple who looked like the inversion of one another - the two subjects are husband and wife from east London. I approached the couple separately and asked them to perform a simple action "when I say okay, wait for a while and then hold this gun to your head" and this was the result.
I feel the action to be an anti climatic one as it is easily understood that the subjects will not shoot themselves, as the mood is domestic and relatively mundane.
It is threat without intention. Juxtaposing the husband and wife allows a visual and emotional comparison that may come through their gender or relationship.


May 2010 - Gadje presents Blasfemìa (Plato Pamplona - Barcelona)

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